What's The Best Container For Sourdough Starter

Then, set your container on the scale and record its weight. 6) what’s the best container for storing my starter?

7 Best Jars For A Sourdough Starter In 2021 – Foods Guy

Mold can occur on sourdough starter for a number of reasons.

What's the best container for sourdough starter. We recommend a 30 ounce jar. Then, wipe it with a bit of vodka or vinegar to make sure it’s good and clean. The more mature your sourdough starter is, the less likely it is to develop mold (unless you subject it to harsh neglect).

It has come from the. Keep feeding twice a day, discarding a bit once it gets more than 1/2 full of the container. First things first, clean your container.

It can occur for a number of reasons including: This is how to establish a new starter: What kind of jar do you use for sourdough starter?

What's the best container for sourdough starter Cambro containers are kitchen staples for a reason. You can see what we currently use at the end of this post, but let’s walk through what we look for in a starter container.

Give a good wash and dry; What size jar for sourdough starter is the best? Additionally, jars and containers that have wide mouth tops make pouring starter out and feeding it an easier and cleaner process.

It’s not too big but it still provides enough room for the starter to expand. They're super durable polycarbonate containers with clear markings on the outside, making them ideal for tracking the rise and fall of your sourdough starter. Glass jars with lids are ideal but you can also use toxin and bpa free plastic containers with lids.

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