Distilled vinegar is sometimes added to lower the ph allowing for a solution of free chlorine more dominated by the hypochlorous acid molecule. In just 10 minutes, you can make natural, powerful disinfecting hypochlorous acid using water, salt, and vinegar using the sanitru electrolyzer.

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How to make hypochlorous acid with vinegar. Note, the action of even a weak acid on sodium hypochlorite ($\ce{naocl}$), like dilute acetic acid found in vinegar, will form $\ce{hocl}$ (including also very dilute mineral acids at ph 6). Force of nature is a little appliance that uses electricity to convert salt, water & vinegar into hypochlorous acid, and the best part is you can make it yourself at home. The system has the ability to make concentrations of 50 to 200 ppm (in which 1 ppm is equal to 1 mg/l) depending on its use, which is chosen by pressing a button on the instrument.

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